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Sell to thousands of thriving trade buyers across Europe. Sparkinity's unique toolkit is enabling them to place orders that are more profitable for you!
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Our free orders offering makes it easy for buyers to experience your awesome products. The best bit is, we don't charge you a penny for it, because truly want to see you grow!
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Get paid on delivery every time, we take care of payment processing and take the risk of non payment off your shoulders.
Get free shipping and upto 90 day payment terms on us
We cover all your shipping costs and give you the ability to offer lucrative payment terms to all your buyers, so you can increase your cashflow.
Increase your profits significantly with quality orders
We don't just simplify wholesale, we are taking it to a level never experienced before. Our system is geared to enable retailers to place orders that are the most profitable for you.
“ Sparkinity has transformed our business, we can now focus on what we are really passionate about and don’t have to worry about the sales!”
Richard, Founder
Recycled Candle Company

Wholesale made to benefit you

More orders, More profits, More visibility
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Increase your brand visibility, slash your marketing costs & instantly sell to verified trade buyers who are a good fit for you.
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Up and running instantly. OUr technology and team do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on fulfilling orders from day 1.
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Sign up, list your brand and get first orders. All for free! You can also invite all your existing buyers on to the platform free of charge.
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More questions?
A selection of our frequently asked questions to help you learn more about us
What are the benefits of joining Sparkinity?
Sparkinity is not just a wholesale marketplace, it is a toolkit to drive revenues for businesses. Below are the current benefits you can expect.
  • Guaranteed promotion of your products to thousands of retailers at no cost to you.
  • Access to commission free orders.
  • No shipping and inventory handling costs.
  • Guaranteed payment on delivery i.e. You are always paid no matter what.
  • Our unique technology ensures that you receive bigger orders.
  • Grow your sales.
How much does it cost to sell on Sparkinity?
There’s never any cost when you use Sparkinity with your existing customers. You’ll only pay a commission on new accounts who find your brand through our marketplace which is 14% on opening orders, 8% on reorders.
What if I already have sales representation?
Not a problem! We do not require exclusivity. We can also block your page in areas where you have representation. That way, retailers in those areas won’t be able to view or order from you. We can offer you 0% commission on all orders from your existing accounts that your representatives or agents manage. So bring your representation along and start trading in a new way!
How do I get paid?
Even though we offer Net terms to our retailers, we always pay you on time so you can continue running your business. Sparkinity guarantees payment 14 days after an order has shipped, or you can choose to get next-day payment for a 3% fee. You will be able to set your preferred payment method and provide your bank account details when you set up your account on Sparkinity.
How do I receive orders?
Each time a retailer places an order for your products, we’ll send you an email. You’ll be able to review the order details, edit availability, and accept or decline the order.

If you can’t fulfill the quantities in the order immediately, you’ll click "Edit Availability" and provide a backordered date. If you have discontinued any items or know that something is out of stock, it’s always best to proactively remove them from your Sparkinity page in the Brand Dashboard.
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