Sparkinity was born because we wanted to see exciting, original products on the shelves of retailers. We have personally enjoyed the experience of shopping in outlets that offer products which are not mainstream. The type of products that you can relate to and get you excited. 

We are passionate about bringing that experience to everyone. 

As the retail landscape is evolving, several shoppers just like us are increasingly drawn to products they can identify with at an individual level .Through Sparkinity we want to deliver a  toolkit of technology and financial terms to the under supported independent retailers so they can easily discover and buy products that will bring pure joy to their customers.

However in order to fulfil our vision we need to disrupt the traditional system of distribution & wholesale. Our founding team has personal experience of both selling and sourcing new products. And we know how painful that is!

We are reinventing the buying process and providing retailers an intelligent medium to only buy products that fit well with their customers' tastes. Makers can save on huge upfront costs of reaching out to buyers & store owners can easily let their customers decide without taking on the risk of being stuck with unsold goods. Simple and so much easier isn’t it?

The platform is constantly evolving and is made for you! So do get in touch to let us know what you would like on there and how we can be better.