Q1: What is Sparkinity ?

Sparkinity is an online wholesale marketplace that helps you find unique products to carry in your stores. We’ll help you discover your best-sellers giving you the ability to try new products with your customers, if it doesn’t work we will take it back. As simple as that !

Q2: How do I sign up and are there any fees ?

Signing up is easy ! Simply click on “Sign Up” on the homepage and send us a registration request. We will then provide access to create your account.

Sparkinity is free for retailers .There are no fees to join or markups on any of the products. It’s always standard wholesale prices and the minimums with case sizes which each maker typically requires.

Q3: How does try before you buy work ?

We offer free returns on the first order you place with any maker so you can make sure it’s a best-seller with your customers.

From the date your order is placed, you have 60 days to return the product. This allows you time to try out the product and only pay for what you keep and return what doesn't work.

These returns are only available for your first order with every new Maker you try. Any reorders from a Maker are not eligible for return.

Q4: How do I place orders ? What are the shipping costs ?

Placing orders is really simple, add products you like to your shopping cart and simply checkout.

When you check out, you will receive a confirmation that your order has been received along with all the details, including a standard shipping fee. Orders are directly shipped from the makers and once makers accept to fulfil your order we will send you a final confirmation email typically within 1-2 days.

Sparkinity provides you with one account so you can buy from multiple brands without the hassle of dealing with every maker separately. We also charge you one shipping fee.

Q5: How do I pay for my orders and when am I charged ?

You will be charged only once the order is confirmed and has shipped.

If you are eligible for Net 60 terms on application, we will not charge your card until 60 days after you place an order. Spending limits apply. We will auto charge your card 60 days after the purchase date.

Q6: Can I cancel an order that I placed ?

You can cancel an order up to 24 hours after it has been placed by notifying us at

Q7: What if I don’t have a brick and mortar store ?

We also cater to online-only, corporate gifting platforms, pop-ups or mobile boutiques and restaurants.

Selling through online-only platforms is restricted to your own online boutique, we are not able to fulfil orders if you are selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or other marketplaces.

Q8: What if I receive damaged goods ?

You can raise a return for damaged goods through your order history and we’ll make sure these are replaced, free of charge.

Q9: How soon will I get my orders ?

Lead times vary per maker .You can see average lead times on each product page.

Once your order is ready to be shipped, we will send you an email letting you know it’s on its way, giving you a tracking number.

Q10: How do you choose the makers on your site ?

We have a curated group of makers listed on our marketplace based on the quality and uniqueness of their offering plus suitability / recommendations from our retail partners. We are constantly adding new, interesting makers so if you have a brand you’d like see on our site, we’d love to know about it. Drop us a line at

Q11: Where is Sparkinity available ?

Currently Sparkinity is only available in the UK. We will be including parts of Europe soon.

Q12: Does Sparkinity offer drop shipping direct to consumer ?

Sparkinity does not currently offer drop shipping services. Purchases are sent to the retailer’s provided address, we are working on making this feature available in the near future.

Q13: I’m starting an online-only store but we aren’t live yet. Can I still order ?

Unfortunately, Sparkinity does not work with online stores that are not currently live. We only work with stores that are already in operation so we can verify that the retailer qualifies for wholesale pricing. If you made an order as an online store that hasn’t launched yet, your order will be canceled and you won’t be charged. We look forward to working with you when you’re up and running !

Q14: What if I have questions ?

If you have questions for us, you can always reach out to our Support team at


Q1: What is Sparkinity ?

Sparkinity is an online wholesale marketplace that helps you get your products showcased in top independent boutiques and acclaimed retail stores across UK and Europe. You send us your wholesale information and our team will create a profile for you. Once you are up on our marketplace, we will start sending orders your way. We do all the work for you to get your products into stores, all you have to do is keep creating new products.

Q2: How do I get my products listed on Sparkinity

We are constantly looking for exciting and unique products, whether your an established or a new up and coming brand , send us a request as we want to hear from you !

However, we try to keep the number of makers we are bringing on limited and in line with retailer requests so our current brands get visibility and have a chance to stand out. When we bring on a new brand we try to ensure we are doing everything we can to drive orders their way.

Q3: What if I already have representation in certain parts of Europe or the UK.

Not a problem, we do not require exclusivity. We can also hide your brand page if you give us list of the areas, any retailer from those locations won’t be able to view or order from your page.

Q4: How do I create a profile?

We do it for you ! Just send us a link to your website, photography, and line sheets, and our Content team will fully build out your brand page. Please note, we always respect your wholesale terms but we have seen that having a minimum under £200 drives significantly more orders.

As soon as your page is done we’ll send you a snapshot of your page so you can let us know if you’d like any updates. Right now we do all updates but further down the line we will release a content editor so you can have more visibility and control over your page.

Q5: Will you list all of my products or only a subset of them?

Once you sign up, we will upload your catalog and can include as many products as you think will perform well in our retailers’ stores. However, to make your profile more compelling, we recommend that you list at least 5-10 product options. We are currently only carrying products in the home and wellbeing sector but will soon be expanding to other sectors.

Q6: Can we offer samples or testers?

At the moment we don’t offer samples because we encourage retailers to order and try out the full line. However we will soon include the functionality for you to offer samples and testers.

Q7: Some retailers will want to negotiate the margins, how will that work ?

Its our aim to encourage retailers to buy at the wholesale price displayed and not try to drive down your margins, every product page will carry your recommended retail price. And as an online platform with easy access to a large number of retailers we expect you to be able to sell on your terms.

Q8: How do orders come in?

Each time a retailer places an order for your products, we’ll send you an email with all the order details and you can edit availability and either Accept Order or Decline order

If there’s anything that’s out of stock or backordered, just edit availability. It will give you the option to say that item isn’t available and when it will be back in stock. Once you mark that an item isn’t available, we will let all other retailers who are looking at the product know that it won’t be ready for a little while.

Q9: Can I decide who carries my products?

Who you work with is your choice. We work with top retailers and boutiques across UK and soon that will include Europe, but you always have the final say before fulfilling an order.

If you don’t want to work with online-only boutiques just let us know . However, our online-only retailers are restricted to their own online boutique, we don’t fulfil orders if they are selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or other marketplaces.

Q10: I pack my products really well but what if something gets broken in transit?

Retailers have the option to report an issue with the delivery through their order history. If anything doesn’t arrive or got damaged in transit, we’ll let you know and give you a photo of the damage so you can file a claim with your shipping provider.

Q11: How do I get paid?

We always pay you as per your terms with us so you can continue sourcing quality materials and keep your business running. We will pay you by direct deposit once you notify us that you are ready to ship along with a tracking number. This should take 1-2 days to arrive in your account based on your location.

Q12: What about lead times & shipping?

Your brand page will let retailers know your average lead time but we also ask you to mark an expected shipping date on your order confirmation email, so we can give them more detailed information .

You can use your shipping provider and once the package is ready to ship, notify us with the tracking number which in turn will trigger our auto email to the retailer informing them regarding the delivery.

Q13: What if I want to stop selling on Sparkinity ?

Simply send us an email at and we’ll make sure your brand’s page is taken down.

Q14: How much does Sparkinity cost?

Sparkinity charges a reasonable commission on all orders. The commission is 0% if an existing stockist of yours orders through us.

Our fee structure is a little different than other wholesale mediums because most of our effort and costs go into driving new accounts. We offer our retailers great terms on your behalf including Net 60 terms and full refunds on unsold items for opening orders with new makers.

Unlike traditional sales reps, we don’t require exclusivity and there’s no fee to join. We only make money when you make money.

Q15: What if I have questions?

If you have questions for us, you can always reach out to our Support team at

Q16: How does try before you buy work?

We offer free returns on a retailer’s first order with a new maker. If a retailer tries a product that’s doesn’t work for their store, we let them send back those items for free. However, Sparkinity takes on that return risk, not the maker.