I’m a Retailer
Why is Sparkinity different?

When you join Sparkinity as a retailer, you will get exclusive benefits including:

Free orders.

We are making the process of trying new products not just brands completely risk free, hence you get to place free orders with new brands you’ve never tried before. And to make things better even if you have tried a brand before after 6 months we let you try them again for free! If you’re unsatisfied with the items you receive, we’ll give you a prepaid shipping label to send them back.

Sale or free returns.

We are all about being business enabling, providing maximum flexibility and eventually helping you increase your revenues hence we also offer sale or free returns option on all orders upto a certain amount to help you minimize your inventory risk further.

Buy now, pay later designed to increase your cash flow.

We offer upto to 90 terms to help retailers buy and sell products without having to pay for them upfront. This means you can hold onto your cash to cover costs like rent and payroll while still stocking up on inventory.

Sparkinity is free for all retailers, and signing up takes only a few minutes.

How do I start buying on Sparkinity?

If you’re buying inventory for a brick-and-mortar store, online shop, or pop-up shop, you can sign up to shop and buy wholesale goods once you have been approved. We try to approve retailers within 24 hours. Unfortunately we don’t allow third-party marketplace resellers (Amazon, ebay, Etsy).

How can I see wholesale prices on Sparkinity?

Sparkinity is a B2B marketplace for wholesale trade and is restricted to verified users. You can view wholesale prices for all brands on Sparkinity only once you have signed up and been approved to purchase from Sparkinity.

How do free orders work?

We are making the process of trying new products not just brands completely risk free, hence you get to place free orders with new brands you’ve never tried before. We realise that as a business every penny matters so why spend thousands on fulfilling even small minimums and tying up all your credit in the wrong products. To make things better even if you have tried a brand before after 6 months we let you try them again for free! If you’re unsatisfied with the items you receive, we’ll give you a prepaid shipping label to send them back.

Placing a free order:

For every brand you can select a free quantity to order. Sparkinity will provide you with credit to use for free ordering. Once you receive a product you can then decide to go ahead and place a larger order for it. If you dont think it’s a fit you will need to return it within 30 days of placing the free order. You will receive a free prepaid shipping label just before your 30 days are up.

When placing free orders, and returning unwanted products is mandatory, this is mainly to protect a brand’s interests. Free orders are primarily meant for you to see and test products so you can confidently place paid orders for the products that are right for you and your customers.

How do returns work?

We offer free returns on free orders and orders that are eligible for sale or returns so you can feel confident buying from any brand on Sparkinity.

Once you submit the return on Sparkinity, we’ll email you a prepaid shipping label.

About sale or free returns

You will be eligible for sale or free return with every brand up to a limited order amount. Once you have placed a sale or free return order with a brand, you will not be eligible for a sale or free return order with that brand for another 6 months.

Free returns are only available for a free order and an eligible sale or return order with a brand, meaning that any additional orders you place with that brand won’t be eligible for free returns.

About refunds

If the order you’d like to return was paid for when it shipped, then the cost of items you’re returning will be refunded directly to your original payment method. Please allow 5–10 business days for the refund to show up on your payment method.

If the order was placed using net payment terms and the invoice hasn’t already been paid, then we won’t charge you for the items you’re returning.

Some important notes:

  • Return shipping costs are covered by Sparkinity, but the original shipping costs and import fees to your business are non-refundable.
  • If an invoice has been paid with Sparkinity credit and a payment card, the credit will be returned first.
  • Any customized products can’t be returned.
  • Some seasonal products can’t be returned. A no return tag will be visible with the product.
Can I order internationally on Sparkinity?

There are no additional requirements to buy from international brands. If you’re buying inventory for a brick-and-mortar store, online store, or a pop-up shop, you can for free!

Which countries does Sparkinity ship to?

Unfortunately at this time, Sparkinity is only shipping to UK based retailers, but we're continuously working to bring our wholesale marketplace to more locations in Europe.

Does it cost to buy on Sparkinity?

The service is free for all retailers, there are no hidden costs or commission.

Does Sparkinity pay for shipping?

We make it easy and cost effective for you to shop for any brand.

If you spend £250 (excluding VAT), your entire order from multiple brands to mainland UK, will qualify for Free Shipping (exclusions may apply, you will be notified at check out).

Not spending that much, no problem at all. We offer a competitive flat rate of £9 for all UK brands and £16 for all European brands.

How do I pay for orders?

On Sparkinity you can pay by credit card or debit card. At this time, we are unable to accept other forms of payment (prepaid cards, checks, etc).

The date you are charged for an order may differ depending on your payment terms, listed below.

For details on how to pay an invoice, see here.

Net 60-90 terms

If you are eligible for Net 60 or 90 terms, we will not charge your payment method until 60-90 days after you place an order. Spending limits apply. We will auto charge your default payment method 60-90 days after the purchase date. However, if you would like to pay off your invoices sooner, you can log into your account and pay any outstanding invoices in your "Invoices" tab.

If you’d like to have your credit limit increased or apply for net terms, please click the "Account" dropdown menu and fill out the application by clicking "Increase my limit".

Payment -on- shipment

For payment-on-shipment orders, your payment is due when the product is shipped by the brand. Your default payment method will be automatically charged once the order is in transit. Please know that an authorization hold may be placed on your card or bank account prior to shipment. The hold will drop when the order ships, or within 7 days if the order does not ship before then.

When will I get my orders?

Lead times vary per brand but on average products will be in your store within two weeks. You can see average lead times at the top of each brand page or when it’s in your cart. Once the brand accepts your order, the expected ship date will be updated in your "Orders" tab.

Can I buy every brand on the marketplace?

Yes, all brands you see are available for you to order from. Apart from free firee orders, brands are given the right to select which retailers they want to work with, so they hold the right to cancel or adjust the orders. Some brands also don’t supply to every region, but we filter those out for you.

We aren’t open yet. Can I still order?

For brick and mortar stores, you may place orders before your official opening. However, we may request additional information to verify that you qualify for wholesale pricing. We may request items including but not limited to:,sales tax ID paperwork, bank statements, or lease agreements.

For online stores, you can order from Sparkinity once your online store is live. If you made an order as an online store that hasn’t launched yet, your order will be canceled and you won’t be charged. We look forward to working with you when you’re up and running!

Can I contact brands to ask questions?

Yes! You can communicate with any brand to ask questions about their products using the ‘Message’ icon on the brand store pages.

Does Sparkinity offer drop shipping?

Unfortunately at this time, Sparkinity does not support drop shipping for retailers. Upon signing up, you will need to provide a valid, physical address to receive the product that you order on our site.

We're sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but greatly appreciate your patience while we continue to improve our service offerings to all of our customers.

How is VAT charged?

VAT will be applied to your orders based on where the brand is shipping the product from at the point of sale. Please see below to learn more about how we will manage domestic and international shipments.

Domestic U.K. orders:

For any products that brands send from within the U.K. to a U.K. based retailer, Sparkinity will charge the retailer the standard VAT rate of 20% at checkout for the transaction. This amount will then be automatically remitted to the brand in their order payout. In the event that the brand a retailer is purchasing from is not VAT-registered, we will not charge the retailer any VAT on the transaction.

International orders:

For any products that a brand ships in from outside the U.K., VAT will not be charged at checkout for the retailer.

If you are a VAT-registered retailer, you can reclaim import VAT the same way you reclaim VAT for domestic orders.

How to edit store details?

If you want to edit your store details such as name and other aspects ,login and click on your name on the top right corner, select ‘Account’ where you can edit all the details.

About Sparkinity’s mission?

We created Sparkinity in 2019 with one goal. To empower small retail businesses with the ability to not just survive but thrive and create new experiences for their customers. We are changing the balance of power that for so long has favored high street and online retail giants and redefining retail as we know it.

Our vision is to partner with entrepreneurs to make their vision a reality. Personal experiences have taught us that digitisation doesn't create successful businesses that stand the test of time in a fierce retail environment. Innovation and agility to move with the times does and that is what we help businesses achieve.

Sparkinity is at the forefront of defining an exciting new era of retail and we can’t wait to partner with you and shape it together!

Sparkinity’s toolkit enables small businesses to drive revenue through easy and quick access to the right products for their customers, ability to differentiate, coupled with attractive ordering options and financial terms that are specifically designed to increase a business’s cashflow.